When I first came to Anna Maria Island I did tons of looking around and checking out the main points of the area- the city pier, the beach, etc. It took a little while for me to start eating at different restaurants other than my favorite locations. A relative of mine brought me to a small breakfast restaurant in the shopping center. I was surprised by the line outside of the door and thought “This must definitely be good food.” After about a 10 minute wait we were seated by a friendly hostess and were quickly waited on.

The menu had quite a few options to choose from. You had the option of omelets, chicken fried steak, French toast, sandwiches, fruit, and more. I was a bit surprised at all the available options. The best part about it was if I did not like something they would substitute it for me. After choosing the Chicken Fried Steak N’ Eggs meal I took in my surroundings. The restaurant was decorated in a minimal beach theme with paintings here and there, wooden half-walls separating the dining area from the entrance, and a few other beach related things here and there. I loved the environment. It made me feel like I was eating at my grandparent’s house back in Virginia.

There are always tables full with families talking and enjoying their meals. Peach’s has the coloring mats for children and the parents love it. The kids seem to enjoy being in this restaurant compared to most that I’ve seen. The waitress that took our order was super friendly. She even made recommendations to some of my family that wasn’t sure what they wanted. I have been going back to Peach’s almost every week since going there that day and it’s been 2 years now. Most of the staff there remembers me by name and even knows what I’m usually going to get. They make me feel welcome in the restaurant and I feel like family when eating in.  

When our food arrived- it looked amazing! There was steam coming from the food on our plates as they were set before us. My mouth had already started watering before I took a bite. The presentation was beautiful. I know most people would ask “How can breakfast look beautiful?” It truly was. I had this generously sized portion of chicken fried steak on my plate smothered in their sausage gravy, nicely cooked hash browns also with gravy (at my request), and the eggs were perfectly cooked. After taking a bite of the steak it felt like it melted in my mouth with the gravy. The steak was perfectly tender with the right amount of crisp and the gravy had a slight peppery taste to it. With the slight salt taste of the eggs with the potato taste of the hash browns, they were perfect to eat together.


My family was thoroughly pleased with their dishes as well. Someone had ordered the oatmeal with fruit and some nuts on it and the other had ordered the loaded French toast. Both dishes were amazing! The only thing that would be a bonus for that restaurant would be more tables and maybe even some outside tables as well. Peach’s always has a ton of customers and there is occasionally a wait. I will tell you- the wait is worth it. 


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