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Mom Life….
Every Mom I know plays at least 18 different roles every day of their Mom lives.  It’s no wonder our significant others make comments like, “Why can’t you ever find your keys?”  Or, “You should focus on doing one thing at a time. ”  Well, let me tell you why we can’t find our keys and why if we only focused on one thing at a time, why everyone would be wearing dirty clothes and no one would eat!  LOL.
From the moment my eyes open, it’s game on.  The walk from the bedroom to the kitchen has at least 4 stops before I can even get to my coffee mug.  Grabbing misc. clothes, tossing them in for the first load of the day, snagging cups and glasses that need to get to the dishwasher, throwing cozy blankets from the couch into the basket, and pushing in chairs at the table that seem to NEVER get pushed in.   I toss the kid his morning snack and water while pulling the cream from the fridge for my coffee.  It’s on to preparing to make sure the next 15 hours happen without a hitch.
School lunch, our lunch, practice spelling words, get some reading in, prep for dinner and this whole time making breakfast for everyone.  Oh and the spelling words and reading is for the kid.  LOL.  Of course, I could use some practice as well.  My sophomore English teacher told me that I would never amount to anything if I didn’t learn to spell.  She was wrong by the way.   Once I have corralled the kid into focusing on getting ready for school, the bed is made, I am a bit presentable and the backpack is on; we are out the door and in the car.  Off to school.
Back home, now it’s the dogs turn and he knows it.  He’s going crazy and the phone is ringing and I’m out the door for the walk.  It’s my 15-20 minutes to make the initial calls of the day.  Then off to work and emails, checking in on summer camp schedules and, DAMN IT, I forgot to send flat Stanley AGAIN!!!!  Who’s got the kid after school?  Oh, and he is playing baseball with Daddy and I need to play first base at 4:30pm SHARP says the text!  Thank God, dinner was planned this morning at 6am while my eyes were only half open. 
I’m exhausted writing this.   I only have ONE child.  You mom’s who have more… I TRULY don’t know how you do it.  You are my hero’s.  AND…you mom’s who do it ALL on your own???  You are super hero’s!  I know we live in a world now where many men have taken on this role or it’s very much a shared distribution of hats to wear.  I am not trying to leave you men out.   There are many men, including my husband, that do so much throughout this process.  I just know that mother’s day is coming up and it’s ALL ABOUT THE MOM’s right now! 
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